Running with Mushrooms is a podcast and blog exploring global myco-culture. It’s also a cultural insights consultancy to the global, fast-growing mushroom industry.

Hi, I’m Jess Jorgensen—a Cultural Strategist, really into mushrooms.

Running with Mushrooms is my world mushroom tour exploring global myco-culture.

After 56+ ethnographies and interviews with mycologists, mushroom start-ups, mycopreneurs, innovators and thinkers in Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia (and counting!), it’s become:

A Cultural Insights Consultancy: For mushroom and psychedelics brands, start-ups, mycopreneurs, NGOs or agencies interested in understanding the ‘shroom boom’, I can help you make sense of this fast-evolving category. Book a quick chat to see how we can work together.

A network of mushroom folk: I’m helping to connect mycologically curious people and have built a network of 200+ amazing mushroom people, NGOs and businesses working with mushrooms or psilocybin around the world.

A podcast & blog: Come join me on a world mushroom tour, exploring how the ‘shroom boom’ is affecting people and culture, with occasional behind-the-scenes dairies of my journey from a full time Director-level career to running with a fungi passion. Follow the tour on Instagram / LinkedIn

Mostly, it’s a series of great chats with mushroom folk about mushroom stuff! 

I’d love to chat. Reach out to see how we can work together:


Thanks to my talented pal Juanita Petronio for the pic; taken in Cape Town

My story

I’m a Cultural Strategist based in London. For 16+ years I worked as a Director of Cultural and Consumer Insights at great agencies like BAMM, Flamingo and Instant Grass, helping big brands get strategic at the intersect of people and culture.

In 2023 I started exploring my passion for mushrooms, diving into the cultures and subcultures around fungi: from Ethnography (study of humans) to EthnoMycology (study of humans and mushrooms).

I’m now working to merge these two worlds.


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Why “Running with Mushrooms”?

Mycelium runs. The delicate fine filaments of the ‘root’ structure of mushrooms silently—and quickly—break down plant and animal debris, recycling carbon, nitrogen and other essential elements while making new soil. This project is running with mycelium, as each chat leads to another like a literal mycelial network.

Why mushrooms??

Simply, I love mushrooms. Researching and geeking out about mushrooms is weird, fun and rewarding.

Fungi have a lot to teach us, and can inspire radical change in how we approach systems, strategy and policies—from conservation and agriculture to medicine and therapy.

I hope you’re inspired to geek out with me 🍄

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Running with Mushrooms is a world tour exploring mushroom and psychedelics culture. Fungi have a lot to teach the world. Join me as I share my research into what we can learn from mushrooms and the shroom boom, with bi-weekly-ish insights & podcasts.


Jess Jorgensen is an independent Cultural Strategist, ethnographic researcher and insights consultant based in London. As a mycophile she's always keen to collaborate with mushrooms and psychedelic brands.