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I’m on the lookout for mushroom people with great ideas about living and working better by partnering with fungi, learning from fungi or benefiting the fungi.

Especially those challenging the status quo in environmental sustainability, consumerism, business operations, strategy, ethics, conservation and culture.

If this is you or someone you know, please reach out!

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I love to chat, especially about mushrooms. More reasons to reach out:

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Mush folk are anyone working with fungi… DIY Mycology | Cultivation—small-scale spawn and culture producers to large-scale growers | Mycoremediation | Psychedelic assisted therapy—retreats, journeys, microdosing etc | Education | Foraging | Edibles | Functional mushroom products | Taxonomy | Identification | Biofabrication—mushroom leather, building materials, coffins, foods etc | Citizen scientists | Writers, Podcasters, Journalists, Authors documenting mushrooms | Academic Researchers etc etc

Chat soon! Jess

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